The database of Genotypes and Phenotypes (dbGaP) was developed to archive and distribute the results of studies that have investigated the interaction of genotype and phenotype.

Latest Studies

Study Embargo Release Details Participants Type Of Study Links Platform
Heart and Vascular Health Study (HVH)
Versions 1-3: passed embargo
V D A S 1204 Case-Control Links
Buphenyl and Low-Dose Arginine Vs. High-Dose Arginine in Patients with ASA
Version 1: passed embargo
V D A S 12 Interventional, Randomized Links
Broad Institute Center for Mendelian Genomics

Version 1:
V D A S 1035 Parent-Offspring Trios, Cohort Links
Rapid Capture Exome Enrichment Kit
TruSeq Rapid Exome Library Prep Kit
iSelect Custom Panel
TruSeq RNA Library Preparation Kit V2
TruSeq Stranded mRNA Sample Prep Kit
KAPA Library Preparation Kit
Prematurity, Respiratory Outcomes, Immune System, and Microbiome Study (PRISM)
Versions 1-2: passed embargo
V D A S 270 Observational, Longitudinal Cohort, Prospective Links
High Response Rate to Anti PD-1 Therapy in Desmoplastic Melanoma

Version 1:
V D A S 17 Cohort Links
SeqCap EZ Exome v3
HiSeq 2500
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