The database of Genotypes and Phenotypes (dbGaP) was developed to archive and distribute the results of studies that have investigated the interaction of genotype and phenotype.

Latest Studies

Study Embargo Release Details Participants Type Of Study Links Platform
Resistance of Melanoma Tumors to Checkpoint Blockade Therapy

Version 1:
V D A S 17 Longitudinal Links
SureSelect Targeted Enrichment
HiSeq 2500 V4
Using Extrachromosomal Vector to Study Replication Timing and Subnuclear Compartment

Version 1:
V D A S 1 Methods Development Links
HGSC VCRome 2.1 design (42Mb, NimbleGen, hg19)
HeLa Cell Genome Sequencing Studies
Versions 1-5: passed embargo
Version 6:
V D A S 1 Whole Genome Sequencing Links
Differential Mutations in Matched Primary and Metastatic Colorectal Cancers

Version 1: 2018-02-20
V D A S 18 Case Set, Metastasis, Tumor Links
Oncovar panel 197; GAIIx/MiSeq
NEI Exfoliation Genotyping Study

Version 1: 2018-02-20
V D A S 1506 Case Set, Parent-Offspring Links
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