Microbial Genomes Resources presents public data from prokaryotic genome sequencing projects. The sequence collection contains data from finished genomes as well as draft assemblies.

Microbial Genome Annotation Tools: We are pleased to annouce the availability of GeneMark and Glimmer, gene prediction tools for microbial genome annotation.

Genome Annotation Pipeline: NCBI has developed a pipeline for annotation of prokaryotic genomes. This service is available to all users by request. If interested, please send an email to NCBI Genomes.

Submission Check Tool: Microbial genome submission check is for the validation of genome submissions to Genbank.

The Concise BLAST database allows for faster calculation times and a broader taxonomic view by eliminating similar proteins within a genus.

Prokaryotes are the earliest forms of life, appearing on earth 4 billion years ago. During the course of their evolution they have extensively altered the biology and chemistry of our planet. More advanced organisms developed as once free-living bacteria took up symbiotic residence inside other cells. These organisms eventually became the organelles found in modern eukaryotes. Energy-producing mitochondria and chloroplasts are examples of organelles in eukaryotic cells.
The Prokaryotes include the Archaea, which include inhabitants of some of the most extreme environments on the planet, and the Bacteria, which include both important pathogens and producers of fermented food, antibiotics, and vitamins.