Microbial Genome Submission Check

Microbial genome submission check is for the validation of genome submissions for submission to GenBank. It utilizes a series of self-consistency checks as well as comparison of submitted annotations to computed annotations. Annotations are computed using BLAST, tRNAscanSE, and in-house rRNA prediction tools.

NOTE: This tool requires a substantial amount of processing time (sometimes more than 30 min). A zipped file will be returned that can be extracted for a set of html files once the tool is finished.

Label your submission Exclude accession
Upload your .sqn file (in text ASN.1 format)

Run slow checks (tRNAscan, BLAST against existing proteins and domains)

Alternatively, check the status of another job
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Performed checks

Self-consistency checks 
Complete overlaps
RNA overlaps
Short proteins
Checks involving comparison to other genomes, BLAST and tRNAscan calculations
Partial products
Missing RNAs
Strand mismatches in computed and input RNAs

19 January 2018, 22:25