FAQs for Authors

There is a problem with my article in PMC, to whom do I report it?

If you are the author of an article and find an error, please email the publisher and send a copy (“cc”) of your message to the PMC Help Desk pubmedcentral@ncbi.nlm.nih.gov.

I need to have a PMCID for my article, how do I get one?

An article gets a PMCID when the full text is deposited in PMC, in the form of either the final published version or an author manuscript. A number of journals have agreed to deposit the final published version of all NIH-funded articles directly in PMC. See this page for a list. If your journal is not on this list, you must get the article into PMC via the NIHMS. For further details, see Submission Methods on the NIH Public Access page.

If the final published version is deposited in PMC directly by the publisher, a PMCID will be assigned once the files are received and PMC staff completes a check of the accuracy of the technical files.

If the author manuscript (i.e., final peer-reviewed version) is submitted to PMC via the NIHMS system (either by the publisher or author), a PMCID will be assigned only after the files have been converted into PMC format, the reviewing author has approved the PMC version, and the NIHMS record has been matched to a PubMed record.

What is the difference between a PMCID and a PMID?

A PMCID is a unique identifier for an article in PMC. A PMID is a unique identifier for a citation in PubMed. An article may be in both PMC and PubMed or in only one of the two. See “What is the difference between PMC and PubMed?”

The PMC reference number (PMCID) is different from the PubMed reference number (PMID). The PMCID links to full-text papers in PMC, whereas the PMID links to citations in PubMed. PMIDs cannot be used as evidence of compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy, only PMCIDs.

What is the relationship between PMC and the NIH Manuscript Submission system?

The NIH Manuscript Submission System (NIHMS) takes in final peer-reviewed manuscripts covered by the NIH Public Access Policy and formats them for inclusion in PMC. Authors deposit the files for a final peer-reviewed manuscript (e.g., Microsoft Word document and figures) into the NIHMS. The files are converted to a standard PMC format, and then reviewed by the author to confirm that the converted final peer-reviewed manuscript is faithful to the original. The NIHMS transfers the final peer-reviewed manuscript to PMC when it is ready to be made available publicly.

I’ve been told I have to submit my manuscript to PMC, how do I do it?

For information on submitting a manuscript, please see Author Manuscripts in PMC.

How can I find out how many times my article has been accessed, viewed or downloaded from PMC?

By agreement with the publishers, PMC is only able to give out usage data to the publisher who deposits an article. You will need to contact the publisher to request the usage data for your article. In the case of author manuscripts, PMC is only able to give out usage data to the author who releases it to PMC via the NIH Manuscript Submission System.

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