Citation Exporter API

The Citation Exporter is a backend web service that provides programmatic access to styled citations and machine-readable metadata formats for PMC articles. It is the service behind the "Citation" links on article display pages like those shown in the figure below.

The software for the service is on GitHub, at ncbi/citation-exporter, and details of the API, and how to use this service, are described there.

The base URL for the service is, and requests are made using HTTP GET. See also the Samples page for examples.

When using this API programmatically, we request that you use the tool and email parameters to identify the application making the request. tool should be the name of the application, as a string value with no internal spaces. email should be the e-mail address of the maintainer of the tool, and should be a valid e-mail address.

Also, please limit your application's rate such that you do not make concurrent requests to this service, even at off-peak times.

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Last updated: Tue, 26 Aug 2014