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Reprod Toxicol. 2006 Nov;22(4):647-58. Epub 2006 Jun 12.

Effect of conazole fungicides on reproductive development in the female rat.

Author information

  • 1Office of Research and Development, US Environmental Protection Agency, Research Triangle Park, NC 27711, USA.


Three triazole fungicides were evaluated for effects on female rat reproductive development. Rats were exposed via feed to propiconazole (P) (100, 500, or 2500 ppm), myclobutanil (M) (100, 500, or 2000 ppm), or triadimefon (T) (100, 500, or 1800 ppm) from gestation day 6 to postnatal day (PND) 98. Body weight (BW) and anogenital distance (AGD) at PND 0, age and BW at vaginal opening (VO), estrous cyclicity, and body and organ weight at necropsy were measured. BW at PND 0 was unaffected by treatment. AGD was increased by M2000. VO was delayed by M2000 and T1800. Estrous cyclicity was initially disrupted by P500, P2500 and T1800, but later normalized. At PND 99 there was a decrease in BW by T1800, an increase in liver weight by P2500 and T1800, and an increase in ovarian weight by M2000 and T1800. It is concluded that exposure to P, M and T adversely impacted female rodent reproductive development.

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